Smart Dating is Cautious Dating!

With all the dating apps and websites out there, dating has become complicated and fast paced in new ways and one of those complications includes your personal safety!

A profile picture might scream tall, dark, and handsome… but with an online identity, you can never be completely sure that someone is actually who they say they are. So before taking the plunge and embarking on that first date with your potential future life-long partner, consider some of the following precautions:

Chat with him first. It doesn’t really matter if it’s online, via the dating website, or over the phone or txt. Just pick up a vibe, engage in some small talk and be on the look out for some inconsistencies. Don’t feel pressured to go on a date right after connecting online, see if you can actually click with him first. If some conversations feel suspicious…it’s ok for you to decline his advances. You’re not obligated to go on a date with someone just because you began messaging him.

Pick a public location to meet or hang out. Some fun options include a casual restaurant/cafe, a park, a museum, exhibit, or a show. It’s a safe way to have fun considering that there will always be other people there around you. Public places also provide various exits, perfect for escaping if things start to go south quickly.

Let a friend or family member know about your date. Tell them your exact location and tell them what time you plan on being there. You might also want to send them a screenshot of your date’s profile, full name, name or username and phone number as well for peace of mind.

Meet halfway or at the location, NEVER at your home address on the first meet. When it comes to where you live and work, consider holding off on your exact address until you’ve seen that your date is actually who he says he is. Though an offer to drive or walk you home is chivalrous, consider reserving that for a later date.

If all goes well and you and your date have decided to become exclusive, it’s ok to ask more about his history, especially his dating and sexual history. If you are both honest about your recent partners and sexual encounters, then you’ll both be able to take the necessary precautions if you feel that you two are ready to get more physical. The more you both communicate about that, the less you’ll stress out, which means so much more time will be dedicated to enjoying each other’s company.

Stay safe! and reap all the benefits later on.