Best Gay Tumblr Blogs

sergethecurious – tumblr: Cute face, Chubby waist, Thick legs, In Shape, Rump shakin’ both ways
Visit: sergethecurious.tumblr.com

jolanmarney – tumblr: My Pride Life, This blog is everything that I love to eat, read, and look at. All things that are pleasing to my eye. I hope that everyone likes what I have to post.
Visit: jolanmarney.tumblr.com

gay-hetero – tumblr:  But damn how could a man be so hot
Visit: gay-hetero.tumblr.com

happyasingay – tumblr: Get over it, all you need is love
Visit: happyasingay.tumblr.com

beautifulgaylovingandcute – tumblr: Beautiful, gay, loving and cute. I am James, 20 from New Zealand and happily taken by my amazing boyfriend. This is just a blog where I post things that I find beautiful, gay, loving and cute. If you ever want to talk to me or just say hi just send me a message.
Visit: beautifulgaylovingandcute.tumblr.com

pr0stitut0 – tumblr: Visit: pr0stitut0.tumblr.com

somfis – tumblr: Young, Gay, Happy
Visit: somfis.tumblr.com

words-to-my-soulmate – tumblr: Words to my soulmate, The journey of a hopeless romantic.
Visit: words-to-my-soulmate.tumblr.com

headsortails-storyofagayguy – tumblr: Heads or Tail: Story Of a Gay Guy. Based on a True Story… About Love, Sex, Heartache… & Losing a Love One
Visit: headsortails-storyofagayguy.tumblr.com

sem-opcao – tumblr: I was born this way. A razão pela qual intolerância, sexismo, racismo e a homofobia ainda existem é o medo. As pessoas têm medo de seus próprios sentimentos,medo do desconhecido!
Visit: sem-opcao.tumblr.com

nsouss – tumblr: Untitled.
Visit: nsouss.tumblr.com

juangallo1 – tumblr: gay bisko
Visit: juangallo1.tumblr.com

cruzsantanaus – tumblr: Sem título
Visit: cruzsantanaus.tumblr.com

g4ylove – tumblr: GAY LOVE. Boy + Boy = Love, Colombia
Visit: g4ylove.tumblr.com

specofdust – tumblr: Just another spec of dust. Just another guy trying to make it in the world! Addicted to traveling, 26 countries and counting. Seeing the old, exploring the new! Don’t be shy, ask me anything or just say hi.
Visit: specofdust.tumblr.com

lovesouthernmen – tumblr: In LOVE with the man of my dreams!
Visit: lovesouthernmen.tumblr.com


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